Fr. Ron Wagner, Pastor

April 14, 2024

Of Mind and Heart

​Time seems to be flying, here it is, the Third Sunday of Easter already. I haven’t had much time to rest up from Holy Week and Easter and the two funerals for Joanna Poirier and Leonard Trombley the week following. I’m writing this a week ahead of time, so I hope it’s slowed down a little.

Going back to Easter Sunday, I went into Saginaw after Masses were done and we gathered for a family dinner over to my niece’s later in the afternoon. Lots of good food was served. Afterwards, I stayed with my brother at the family home. Shortly after I went to bed, my brother woke me up to tell me there were 13 police cars and an ambulance in front of the house. I looked out and sure enough, there they were (don’t worry, they weren’t after us). As we looked out, all of the sudden they were stringing police tape across our front yard and across the street on busy Davenport street. The ambulance took off, but the police cars stayed. Then TV 5 set up on the sidewalk right in front of our house. As we later found out, a 15 year old was shot by a 16 year old and later died. I told my brother, “This doesn’t happen in Standish”. My brother and I are somewhat desensitized to the amounts of sirens we hear from police cars, ambulances and fire trucks that go past on Davenport. Since it was a different sort of Easter experience, I thought I’d share my story. I know all the family called my brother the next day to find out what happened. We felt safe, but unnerved a bit. I hope it’s a one-time experience.


​​Fr. Ron

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