January 19, 2020


January 19, 2020

I have been very blessed to serve the people of our diocese in the seven parishes to which I have been assigned. It has been a privilege.

I thought of being a priest from my childhood at Bishop Kelley School in Lapeer. Our pastor would come into each classroom each year to encourage us to consider whether or not God was calling us to a religious vocation. My first thoughts were of being a missionary and going to some distant country to bring the Good News of God’s love to others. Over time, I could see that I was being called in another direction.

I attended Michigan State University and was active at St. John’s Student Parish. We had a strong support group that attended mass each day and really took our faith seriously. I decided to apply to the seminary in 1968 and was accepted. However, I was already committed to the Navy and they preferred that I fulfill that commitment first. 

After the Navy, I worked for four years and then in 1974 began my seminary training. I was ordained a priest on January 18, 1980 in my home parish in Lapeer. 
I could never thank the people I have met and served for the countless prayers, words of support, challenges, patience and wisdom shared with me.

Like people my age I am astonished that forty years have passed so quickly. I love life and ministry and I hope to continue to offer my services to the people of our diocese as God directs me. 

Thanks for celebrating with me and a special thanks for the reception.

 Fr. David

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Food Pantry Standish, MI

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