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Weekend Bulletin

October 25, 2020

Rachel's Vineyard

Of Mind and Heart

You will soon receive a letter and brochure from the Diocese of Saginaw concerning "Christ Mission Appeal." As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are grateful for all God has given us in our lives and so we return some of those gifts back to God to be used for the mission of Jesus Christ in our world today. The world needs the Good News that Jesus has to offer. You have a chance to help that effort at the local parish level, but even more so at the wider Diocesan level. Please read the brochure over carefully when you receive it. We ask you to consider a sacrificial gift that comes from your faith and relationship with Jesus. Please also notice the instructions to make any checks payable to the "Diocese of Saginaw" and send it to the Diocese directly. They are handling the bookkeeping involved as a service to the local parishes. Our target this year is $62,478.77, which is comparable to previous years. If we make our goal and go over, those funds come back to the parish. We need every parishioner to pray over what they can give. Look at how God has blessed your life and step out in faith. One sign I saw years ago put it this way, "Give God what's right, not what's left." If God is a priority in your life and the message of Jesus Christ makes a difference, reflect that in your gift as a way of saying "Thanks" to God.

In a recent Faith magazine, you may have seen an article about the "LEGO" Church that a parishioner at my last parish puts together every year. You'll read how I've been immortalized by having a LEGO figure in the story named after me. It's a way that John Kraemer uses to evangelize people about the Church. He's been interviewed on various national Catholic podcasts and has a Facebook account describing his building of the church each year. It's a labor of love and an expression of his Catholic faith. I like to peer in the church and see his creativity and the church full of people, even "Batman" attends. Have a good week ahead.

Peace, Fr. Ron

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