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Rachel's Vineyard

Faith Formation and Free Courses

Boston College Continuing Education

Our priority is to create opportunities for people to participate in conversations on the faith tradition, contemporary theological issues, and ways to pray and serve in the 21st century.  We offer an array of on-campus presentations, as well as online courses, videos, podcasts, and other resources for faith enrichment.

Vibrant Faith @ Home 

The resources on Vibrant Faith @ Home are free and supports families who are intentional about their faith and religious practice as they raise the next generation of committed Christians. We seek to equip and empower households to: 

-TALK with each other about their faith -​PRAY together in ways that are comfortable and comforting
-RITUALIZE their important moments
-REACH OUT in service and support of others.

University of Dayton

ALL INQUISITIVE MINDS ARE WELCOME.  While the University of Dayton has included adult learners in its community for nearly 100 years, our professional and continuing education programs are still cutting edge.  Opportunities include graduate and undergraduate courses, along with short-term learning opportunities such as workshops, seminars, teleconferences, and forums. Whether you're looking to expand your horizons or complete your degree, we have a program that fits your interests.

Vatican Library

Explore the rich history of the Catholic Church. At present the Vatican Library preserves over 180,000 manuscripts (including 80,000 archival units), 1,600,000 printed books, over 8,600 incunabula, over 300,000 coins and medals, 150,000 prints, drawings and engravings and over 150,000 photographs.

Food Pantry Standish, MI
Catholic Volunteer Network