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January 14, 2018


The basic dialogue between God and humans is always initiated by God who invites us humans to respond with faith.

We encounter an example of this in today’s Gospel passage when we hear John’s version of the call of the first disciples. They are invited to see, which means to perceive with the eye of faith, the mystery of who Jesus really is and to follow him.

This dynamic plays out in each of our lives. God reaches out to us in countless ways – people, experiences, nature, joys and sorrows, silence, prayer and love, to name a few – seeking our loving and eager response to His invitation.

Paul reminds us in today’s second reading that God, however, doesn’t invite us to sin.

Sin is the opposite of responding to God’s invitation.

Paul discusses sexual immorality. He reminds his audience that they used to live like that before they became Christians, but then they heard God’s voice spoken through Jesus and they changed. They must not allow themselves to be deceived by sin’s allure.

Christians form the Body of Christ and thus should demonstrate mutual respect, support and care for each other and not use others for immoral purposes. As temples of the Holy Spirit we should aspire to the highest ideals revealed in Christian living.

God calls us to life, not death.

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May God bless all of our families all through this New Year!

Fr. David