September 22, 2019

Rachel's Vineyard
Food Pantry Standish, MI

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Weekend Bulletin

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The priests of our diocese gather every two years with our bishop for intellectual enrichment, prayer, time for fellowship. This will be a special year for us to become acquainted with our new bishop and him with us. I will be gone from Sunday afternoon through Wednesday of this week. Please pray for us.

Forming individual Christians always works best within community. The family is the most basic source of values and Gospel training. The church often refers to the family as the domestic church. Each family forms the parish. The parish is part of the larger diocese made up of the various parish communities. The dioceses and its faithful make up the worldwide Catholic Church which has over 1.3 billion members.
The Second Vatican Council in its document on Christian Education states: “Catechetical training gives clarity and vigor to faith, nourishes a life lived in accordance with the spirit of Christ, leads to a way of knowing and active participation in the liturgical mystery, and inspires public action.”
It is important to continue to grow in faith. Knowledge of the basics of faith, prayer, worship, moral living and scripture provide a well-rounded support system to live as Christians in an increasingly secular world. 
To these ends, our parish offers formation classes for children, teens and adults. I hope you and your family will find them helpful.

Please don’t forget our parish golf outing is Sunday, September 29 - 1 p.m. at Pine River Golf Course.
$830 to go.
“The Little train that could” is our inspiration to complete our drive. Let’s keep chugging up the hill until we reach the top!

 Fr. David

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