Although it isn’t a Holy Day in the church’s liturgical calendar, it surely is to most families. Mothers are, simply put, special people who deserve to have a day dedicated to honoring them.
There are many of us who have lost our moms and feel that loss deeply. Yet, thankfully, most moms are going strong and filling their families with love, guidance, and encouragement.
May God bless all of our moms living and deceased.

Were privileged and blessed to welcome Mia Weir and Addalein Cardinal Weir into the community of faith. The impact of Jesus’ death and resurrection is clearly the focus of the new life the children received. May God bless their families to be good guides and models of faith for the children.

I want to thank members of the Christian Service committee for their help in organizing and serving at the socials after the Easter Vigil and First Communion Celebrations. We appreciate you!

We are making progress. We are on par with last year’s drive and are looking forward to another successful campaign. We have received 160 pledges and gifts for a total of $41,135.00 toward our goal of $60,530.     

Easter Blessings!

 Fr. David

Catholic Volunteer Network

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May 11/12, 2019


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May 11/12, 2019